Once Upon a Time . . .

A peculiar little girl was born to a large and boisterous family in a charming seaside town on the Cape of South Africa. Though the town was small and lacking in such necessities as a couturier and a milliner, it boasted a magnificent library. This became crucial to the little girl’s survival.

When Suddenly . . .

The girl grew up and was kidnapped by a band of evil computer programmers who sought to turn her to their iniquitous ways. She managed to escape by gnawing through their HDMI cables and survived on an assortment of professions, including vocal coaching, sign language interpreting and translation, and instructional design.

And Then . . .

She fell madly in love with and married a handsome and kind prince. Her career remained varied and volatile, but she didn’t much care so long as she had her true love.

They were just a few years into living happily ever after when disaster struck. A dreadful wyrm lodged inside the princess’s brain and whispered nasty, hurtful things to her until she fell deathly ill.

The prince summoned physicians and apothecaries from around the realm. No one was able to dislodge the wyrm, but they managed to mostly drown out its malicious mutterings, and the princess became well enough to begin writing stories about princesses and other heroines finding happiness and fulfilment despite their painful afflictions of the mind and body.

In Our Next Episode . . .

The princess shares her stories and brings much joy to the land, especially to those young ladies fighting their own wyrms and other frightful beasts. She continues to drown out her own wyrm by writing ridiculous tales, talking nonsense with other brave authors, and snuggling her cat. She and her prince live happily ever after, occasionally battling dragons and taxes, but mostly squeezing in as many hugs as possible.

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My Plotting Process

  1. Brave heroine with mental or physical affliction faces a startling situation.
  2. ?
  3. A ball!

"funny, charming, devious, dark, and delightful. Her books are also good."

- Lady Primlore's Periodical

" i liked one of the dresses in the ball scene."

- Elysia Berrington, Heroine's Sister

" Not as long as some books but longer than others. "

- Miss Horatia Ditchburn, Librarian at The Royal

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