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In Hana’s opinion, matches as a business venture is the dog’s bollocks.

Orphaned and newly homeless, Hana faces a night in a snow-laden alley, with nothing but her ratty cloak to cover her. Until the casual strike of a match opens a door to the fae realm of lords and ladies—though Hana is mostly interested in that fat roast duck on their banquet table.

Except Fred—her rival match seller—has accidentally travelled through the fire with her, and he doesn’t trust the fae one bit. Especially when the fae queen sets Hana to visiting realm upon realm, searching for shiny, pretty things to add to her enormous collection.

And Fred is determined to take care of Hana, no matter how much she swears at him.

Can Hana leave her rags behind forever and find a luxurious home with the gold-obsessed fae? Or does the annoying match boy with patches on his elbows have more to offer?

About the author

Erin Vere writes fairy tale retellings with a comedic twist

Good day to you!

I’m Erin, and I like to write about brave heroines in pretty dresses facing ridiculous situations and finding love and fulfilment despite afflictions of the mind and body. Usually, there are balls.

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